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Velveteen vs. The Super Junior Patriots

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ISBN-10: 0985798912

ISBN-13: 978-0985798918

Velveteen  vs.  The  Junior  Super  Patriots

By Seanan McGuire

Cover by Dave Dorman



How dare you?  I never asked for you to hunt me down!

No, Velma Martinez hadn’t.  But when you had once been Velveteen, child super-heroine and one of The Junior Super Patriots, West Coast Division, you were never going to be free, even if your only power was to bring toys to life.  The Marketing Department would be sure of that.

So it all came down to this.  One young woman and an army of misfit toys vs. the assembled might of the nine members of The Junior Super Patriots, West Coast Division who had come to take her down.

They never had a chance.

Velveteen lives in a world of super-heroes and magic, where men can fly and where young girls can be abducted to the Autumn Land to save Halloween.  Velma lives from paycheck to paycheck and copes with her broken-down car as she tries to escape from her old life.

It’s all the same world.  It's all real.  And figuring out how to be both Velveteen and Velma is the biggest challenge of her life, because being super-human means you’re still human in the end.

Join us as award-winning author Seanan McGuire takes us through the first volume of Velveteen’s — and Velma’s — adventure.